About Us

Hello Saucy Moms, Mimis, and Gigis,

My name is Tamika Akins and I'm the proud owner of Prim And Saucy BoutiqueWelcome to Prim and Saucy Boutique where you'll find fun children's boutique fashion, custom curated apparel, and accessories that vibrant and exuberant kids can enjoy and love.  Our mission is to positively enable them to embrace their unique style with confidence and enjoy being kids!

On the Prim side of the house, we have fashionable, yet affordable formal wear for fancier occasions and on the Saucier side of the house, there's stylish and chic casual wear for the not so formal dinners, family gatherings, or typical outings, and custom birthday party wear to make your little one's special day - SUPER SAUCY.  Our custom party designs are creative and unique.  We aim to provide the very best service and products at affordable prices.  We're definitely Prim de la Creme when necessary, but be sure to carry lots of napkins in the event that you get drenched in our very best sauce.  ;-)

We mainly cater to little girls, ages 1 to 8 but also have a few selections for for boys and older kids.  We inspire to one day, become a one-stop-shop, offering SAUCE PACKS, complete with head gear, tops, bottoms, and footwear.  

We ask for your patience with our inventory, as we are transitioning our shop listings from Etsy and Poshmark.

Check out our feature in Voyage ATL magazine:  http://voyageatl.com/interview/meet-tamika-akins-prim-saucy-boutique-south-atlanta/

Thanks for stopping by! If you have a little one that's FLOSSY ... be sure to rock with PRIM and SAUCY where too much sauce is never a problem.

P.S. We have a little something for you too!  Check out the Grown and Flossy tab, where you'll find celebratory tees, mugs, and hoodies!